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I was drawn to psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, and life coaching after losing a close friend who suffered from mental illness. The best psychiatrists and psychologists in the world were unable to help him. From that moment, I dedicated my life and resources to learning everything I could to help people to deal with mental health challenges of all kinds.

For over a decade I studied and traveled around the globe, studying with some of the greatest minds in therapy – learning practical approaches that help people suffering from the disorder and how they can live life to its fullest.

I have also helped set up a charity and dedicated myself to supporting people who are suffering from anxiety, stress, and trauma.

I have witnessed people suffering from these disorders life’s change instantly, but I also understand that the impact of such change does not have to last a lifetime – that it is possible to recover from it fully.

You can regain complete freedom from anxiety, stress, and trauma today!

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Get your very own personalized relief from anxiety, stress, and trauma in a live online session without having to leave the comfort of your home.
I have a powerful approach to help people suffering from anxiety, stress, and trauma to quickly, easily, and effectively restore and improve their health


Anxiety, stress, and trauma are very common around the world. More than 43 million people around the world suffer from anxiety, stress, or trauma and those numbers are on the rise.

The good news is, I can help you cope and feel better by helping you to access your own inner resources – with Hypnosis. Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool for making change happen quickly. Imagine feeling better immediately instead of spending months in therapy.

Des Howden Hypnotherapy addresses the psychological aspect of anxiety, stress and trauma and restores you to your full potential.

Des Howden Hypnotherapy provides services for people suffering from:

A physically or emotionally painful, distressing, or shocking experience that causes lasting effects. Symptoms may include anger, avoidance, numbness, memory problems, poor concentration, intrusive memories of the event, flashbacks, nightmares, suddenly feeling flooded or overwhelmed.
A feeling or situation that exceeds our capacity to cope and is harmful, overwhelming, or threatening. Symptoms may include chronic fatigue, irritability, depressed mood, non-specific worry, changes in eating or sleeping, or physical/medical complaints where medical illness has been ruled out.
Feelings of worry, unease, or nervousness that interfere with your life. Symptoms may include trouble concentrating, difficulty falling asleep, restlessness, rapid breathing, increased heart rate, and panic attacks.

During our 30-minute call, we will discuss the change you want for yourself and the best ways to achieve it.

Des Howden Hypnotherapy is not your average therapy and wellness provider.

I offer a variety of evidence-based and alternative psychological approaches that can be individually tailored to support and heal those struggling with anxiety, stress, and trauma.

I work with individual clients, couples, and families to provide custom-tailored, comprehensive treatment services designed to heal all aspects of mind, body, and spirit.

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“It is never too late to be who you might have been” George Elliot

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Changing the way you feel or behave is reassuringly easy. The hardest decision is simply to act and once you make that choice, there is no going back. It’s time to draw a line under the past and start a new journey.


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